Ayanna, all of the healings I've done with you have really allowed me to walk away with a deeper understanding of myself, my body, & my experiences. I love how you listen to my concerns and thoroughly tie everything together. Each person and session is so different, but you have this ability to tailor the healing exactly to each person or session's unique needs. You have helped me not only heal my body, but also validate my inner knowing and connection to my body in a way I've never experienced. I truly feel that it's your special touch, knowledge, and perspective that makes your sessions so moving and powerful. Even the healing space you create, whether we're in person or at a distance, is so soothing for me. Thank you for creating this space. Thank you for giving my body the direction, validation, & permission to begin healing itself! Your sessions have allowed my body to connect and intuitively receive messages about what its unique needs are. I can never thank you enough, experiencing your work is a GIFT that I am very grateful for.

Macie Vanderburg

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