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Conscious Signaling

send signals to your immune system where you need to repair, reconnect and restore.

Magnetic energy is all around us. I like to call this technique conscious signaling to signify the meaning of bringing conscious flow to a stagnant area in the body. When we bring more conscious flow to areas that are lacking the natural magnetic energy, it can be used to restore homeostasis in the body for optimal immune system functions. By using kinesiology testing, it’ll show the body’s exact imbalances for the lack of magnetic energy. It is also possible to identify what pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites that are causing the root issue. Under the new, rebalanced magnetic field, the body can heal itself since the pathogens are being signaled to flush out and will be eliminated out of the body through the waste and urine. This naturally increases your blood circulation, oxygen, nutrient absorption and normalizes inflammation.
Our bodies go under stress more than we realize. If the immune system is unable to keep up with balancing the stress and the toxin exposure from day to day life, then it builds up or stays stagnant within. Trauma, emotions, organ dysfunction, inflammation, EMF’s and pathogenic microorganisms all contribute to throwing off our natural equilibrium. Without a proper balanced lifestyle, this typically later manifest in the body as pain, disease or health related issues. It is important to live a conscious lifestyle to help your body get rid of inflammation and stagnant stress. Be mindful of drinking plenty of water to promote the healing even more, as water helps deliver nutrients to tissues. With the new signals that the body obtains from the session, you will naturally start to heal itself over time and this essentially strengthens your body's immunity.

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Emotional Rebalancing

Another approach I take to my healing session is with an emotional awareness technique. I believe when we have pH imbalances it corresponds to a triggered underlying emotion(s). By pinpointing the exact emotion or false truths, we can see where it is exactly trapped inside and this gives details as to how this effects that particular organ/nerve/muscle in present day. Some people have plenty of emotional stagnancy to where the session has to be directed towards addressing that entirely. Most humans live 80% of their life in past life energies. Meaning it is necessary and very possible to bring forth awareness to those past life energies to heal and clear yourself from a reoccurring cycle. Sometimes the core reoccurring issue you are experiencing is simply because your soul has memory of it from years ago, so unconsciously you are reliving it over and over. When we can validate the past energies that hinder growth and want to be cleared up now, we uncover our truths in how to operate in this life with total certainty and new awareness. You get to finally live the life you've always wanted to. I believe healing comes in multiple layers. By uncovering the layers, the physical pH imbalances gets restored right behind it. Sometimes energy just wants to be validated in order for it to change and move out. By looking at the energy of your soul, it shows me what your truth is in terms of getting clear answers towards uncovering your health concerns or questions you have. Our soul always knows best. My goal is for you to leave the session feeling empowered and more conscious with the connection to your soul's truth.

rebalance. regain. reconnect.

  • spiritual awareness

  • soul to soul healing

  • soul empowerment

  • grounding/centering

  • reclaiming your power

  • reading stagnant energy

  • recognizing your truth and certainty


Massage Therapy

I've practiced massage therapy for almost 4 years. My passion in this practice lies with understanding where pain is being trapped inside the muscle tissues. By finding all the different muscles corresponding to the root of pain, it helps rebalance the area instead of just masking the area of referred pain. I particularly enjoy deep tissue, gua sha and deep stretching during my sessions. I target all layers of the muscle tissue by doing this. Sometimes I find that some bodies need bodywork to restore the regular muscle function. Hands on touch is a very important component to healing. By retraining the nervous system with a therapeutic approach to massage, it helps the benefits last longer. I may add in magnet pairs directed to the body's pain and/or for assistance in lymph drainage.

If you are interested in scheduling an in person massage appointment, you can do so by contacting me here.