Who I Am and What I Do

My name is Ayanna. I am a massage therapist, biomagnetic practitioner, an intuitive energy healer and currently studying to be a natural health practitioner with concentration in herbal medicine. Down below is my personal journey. Get in touch to find out what I can offer you.


Discover Ayanna Jalice LMT, BioMT

A Natural Approach to Healing

I’m grateful to cross paths with you today. I have a passion to guide others into their own healthy state of being. I started with massage therapy, practicing at chiropractor offices for 3 years working on those experiencing body pain. Soon I realized how it didn’t matter how well I stretched someone, or how deep I can massage in their muscle tissues, or even how many times they get adjusted by the chiropractor.. some clients don’t show improvement or cannot get past the pain entirely. Pain lies deeper than just the superficial modality work.

I’ve seen clients who have tried everything to just get past the pain.

How can these clients try every remedy there is but still are experiencing discomfort?

Once I discovered biomagnetism and experienced my first session, I saw the immediate difference in my body after only ONE session. A year later I was able to attend the training and start practicing on others. Currently I am attending a clairvoyant school, where I am continuously learning new reading and healing techniques every week. I finished the first year long energy work program and I am currently enrolled in the second year program. I've learned how to read energy, chakras, past lives, auras, soul essences, heal energetic blockages, deprogramming, see the difference between truth and a lie, and so much more. I use these tools with my daily life now and it has taught me how to stand in my own power, heal lifetimes of past life trauma, heal from anxiety, depression, attachments and also my own person health concerns. By using these tools I am now today able to hold space for others by creating a clean, grounded healing space for my clients.

So, here I am with you today — holding space for your healing journey. My goal is to incorporate my combined skills with massage therapy, intuitive energy work and biomagnetism to give a wholesome complete treatment plan. With the use of biomagnetism training, I've learned how to ask detailed conscious questions about people's health dysfunctions. I am now able to dig even deeper to find and identify the actual source of imbalance that has to be cleared, not just masking a symptom temporarily. I call this conscious signaling. I am sending signals to very specific, detailed regions of your body to promote health. Sometimes the body just needs a quick reminder that a certain area is lacking the magnetic flow. My main focus has always been addressing body pain but this training has expanded my expertise by allowing me to also address any other health related concerns; from skin conditions to organ dysfunctions. Now I am finding that pain can come from emotions, social programming, and pH imbalances. This is why massage and other alternative therapies does not work on everyone, the pH imbalances have to be internally addressed on a cellular level. I find that this is similar to intuitive energy work but it is more detailed and effective since I am directing energy to such a specific point that sometimes goes overlooked in a typical energy work session. Our bodies only address imbalances with the correct, direct intention.

I look forward to meeting you and diving into a deep, soul transformative healing with you. You are so capable of healing your body, I am here to remind you of your own power and guide you with the tools to do so.